Playstation 4 by Andy Gilleand



In my opinion that PS4 doesn't look so good,but good try

So I'm not the only one who

So I'm not the only one who thinks this looks bloody ugly! The Xbox One looks like a 80's PVR, so doubt Sony can do much worse.

Mate you're...

In my opinion, i also think the xbox one looks like a dvr. I'd rather just cut some cardboard box and call it the xbox one

It's growing on me...

At first I thought the new Xbox Design looks like what you^ said... like a DVR. Then as a designer I started to analyze to figure out why they went that way with their design. If you look at the system straight on, the different materials make the windows 8 logo 4 quadrants thus relating their system back to the Microsoft family instead of a separate entity.

PS4 design

I don't care how it looks as long as it works right. But if they make to good looking and it over heat they failed in my book. Form over function you decide I prefer function. and par this in mind I still have a fully functional first off line gen 1 PS3.