PS4 Concept by - Artificialproduction


Best PS4 Design so far

This is by far the best, more realistic PS4 design I have seen to date. I look forward to any future designs from this artist! Thanks for posting these up. I wonder if the XBox 720 will look anything near as cool as this.

nah, xbox is gay

nah, xbox is gay

true it is

the concept looks kind of like an advanced ps3 i think they should make it look far more different on the outside to appeal to stupid xbox fans


No don’t like it
to high it’s like a tower take up too much space
it should be compact and low also easer to connect to wireless

By far is right!

Out of Based of all the concepts of the PS$ Model look, This by Far can take the Cake! I think, You'll definatly would get the eyes of others that would go 4 it By far! It to me looks more future like as if the Future in the Near Future is already here now. But in overall I would say one of the By far sickest Model yet! I would get it in a heart beat!


I don't get these type of designers, haven't they heard of 'less is more'? All that work for such an ugly thing...

At least

At least this kind of design will allow for plenty of useable space for the components.
If Sony goes with something like this they can fit a decent motherboard, brains, memory, HDD/SDD, all the other parts and some good cooling.

Ateast this type of design doesn't missuse PS4 foot area like the stupid clear perspex design someone's posted elsewhere on this site.

Things can be made more sleek and a bit more efficient, personally I'd prefer some cleaner lines, maybe more of a squarish design, without the silver bar at the bottom going up the sides.


Oh so it's ugly? I'm sorry but i don't remember anywhere saying that technology needed to look "cool". If they use one of the other designs i saw. The location of the actual hard-drive is going to be clumped. By doing this you can fit more of the actual components that are useful. And you act like you can do something better? Do it....


I love the design, great work.


i definantly think this is one of the best ideas so far.

there's only one thing I don't like

everything looks spectacular but the only thing I don't like is that it has a disc tray that opens instead of slimply sliding in the disc

I kinda like it but....

I would like to have the freedom to choose whether I want to use it horizontally or vertically and this one has to be used in a vertical position...that and the opening of the tray instead of just sliding the disc in and ejecting it.

Great design, but...

Looks great, but most of us don't place our game consoles in plain view. Most shelves won't accommodate this console vertically unless the flat screen TV is anchored to the wall, and the top shelf is free. In most cases it's not, people like to move their TV's around the house and patio, like I do... being able to place the console horizontally on the shelf under the TV would work better for a lot of folks.